WikiTree is a free family tree website where you can create your family tree. I found this site in 2015 when searching for one of my Wakenight ancestors. When I viewed the WikiTree profile, I was amazed at how much information the tree owner had compiled.

The first step to joining WikiTree is to create an account. The next step would be to add your profile information. You are the starting point for your family on WikiTree.

As you build your tree, you have an option to connect with other members. These people may have an interest in the same surname. They may have records or photos of an ancestor that was unknown to you.

To view another person’s profile, you can request to be added to their Trusted List. When added to the Trusted List, you can edit or add information to that person’s profile.

You may also find that there is a duplicate entry for the same ancestor. When this happens, you can request to merge the two individuals. The merge will also connect your tree with the other person’s tree. In essence, abiding by WikiTree’s mission statement of growing one united family tree.

WikiTree makes building your family tree fun. They give you badges for the number of contributions you have made (the number of profiles you have added). You receive a Thank You from other members who have viewed a specific ancestor in your part of the tree.

I enjoy the time I spend on WikiTree. I love being able to communicate with other people who share the same interest in genealogy.

I have also connected with distant relatives that I had never spoken to before. We share information about our family history, but we also talk about our family, friends, and work.

That’s the best part of WikiTree. Connecting relatives and growing a bond within the family.

If you are a WikiTreer and want to add to this article, please use the Comments Section on this page. Thank you, Donna.

Photo by Dương Hữu on Unsplash.