As I am always searching for my Wakenight ancestors, I use a link I found on RootsWeb. It is to a family tree created by Sharon Strow, entitled “Descendants of Daniel Wakenight.” I copied this link to my computer so I would have easy access to it. Every so often, I will click on it to view the various Wakenight ancestors it contains.

Last year, when I went to use the link, I found that the URL would not connect to her website. I found that there had been trouble at RootsWeb, where Sharon had first created it.

RootsWeb is a free genealogy website to help people with their family history search. Founded in 1993, it is the oldest FREE genealogy website on the internet today. acquired RootsWeb in 2000 and has kept it as a free genealogy website for all users.

In 2014, cyber attackers targeted The attack caused Rootsweb, FindAGrave, and Ancestry to crash. The company was able to get Ancestry and FindAGrave up and running within the week. But, Rootsweb had suffered a severe loss of its members content. They were able to restore some, but not all, family tree data.

In 2017, there was a report of data leakage from one of the RootsWeb servers. The amount of personal information exposed was small. Ancestry stated that they were working on a solution to this problem so that it would not happen again.

Off and on, for over a year, I have tried to get onto with no luck. When I type in the URL, I get redirected back to Ancestry’s website.

Today, I happened to be searching the internet for a status update on RootsWeb. To my surprise, I found a URL that would let me into the WorldConnect part of RootsWeb.

Their home page does state that they have disabled the family trees. But, you can still search their site for family tree information.

I typed in one of my ancestor’s vital information, and a list of family trees appeared. I clicked on one created by Sharon Remrey, and I found all Daniel’s information contained in that tree.

I still do not have access to Sharon Strow’s website, “Descendants of Daniel Wakenight.” Once RootsWeb has their family trees back online, I should be able to find it. Until then, I will have to be patient and check back every so often.

If you have not been able to get through to RootsWeb, please try this link to WorldConnect. I hope this article has been helpful. If you would like to leave an update about RootsWeb, please use the Comments Section of this page. Thanks, Donna.

Photo by Jacob Miller on Unsplash.