Get Children Interested in Your Family History

I have always had an interest in family history and have often wondered how I could get other’s to enjoy it, too. Do your children get bored during summer vacation? Do you need to find an activity for them that is both fun and educational?

Making a family history album would be a rewarding experience for children of any age. Not only will they be learning about other members of your family, but they can interact by helping create it.

Many retail stores, like WalMart, sell supplies at a very reasonable cost. You could use pictures that are already in your house. You can print out a story that goes with the photo. You can also add embellishments, like stickers, to make the pages more “kid-friendly.”

The album, itself, does not have to be dark and drab. Many have brightly colored covers with themes, like “my summer vacation” and “my wedding memories.” There are even decorative pages that you can purchase that are theme based.

Sharing the history of your family with your children should be fun and educational for them. They could help decorate the pages and place the pictures, as you explain who the people are in the photos.

A family history album should be a cherished experience for the whole family. In years to come, they will be happy that someone kept their family memories alive.

If you have other ideas on how to interest children in genealogy, please leave your response in the Comment Section of this article. I would love to hear from you.

Photo by Alexander Dummer on Unsplash.