Celebrating Mother’s Day In Your Family Tree

Most countries observe Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May. It is a day to celebrate mothers and motherhood.

Called Mother’s Day in the United States, Mothering Day in England, Virgin Mary Day in Catholic countries, and International Women’s Day in Russia, it is a day to honor your mother and pay her respect.

In genealogy, many researchers follow the father’s lineage. The reason for this choice is that it is much easier to trace the male ancestors than the female ancestors. When women married, they took on their husband’s surname. And, unless you have a marriage record, it is particularly hard to trace the females in your family tree.

In both past and present history, women were the caretakers of the children and the household. Cooking, cleaning, washing laundry, they would also take care of the garden for their food stores. Children were born one after another, to ensure that the father’s lineage would thrive.

In modern times, women still play a vital role in the succession of their family lineage. Many women are in the workplace, helping with family finances. They are sharing responsibility with their male counterparts in household duties and child-rearing.

If you think about it, women play an intricate role in your family tree. Being both mentally and physically able to produce and care for children, they are the reason your lineage has continued to present day.

I have created several family trees solely around the matriarch of the family. My reasoning for this direction was a pure curiosity in that particular female. There was one that had a rare blood disease that ran on the female side of the family. Another one had the propensity for birthing twins.

As you build your family tree, please take the time to research the female side of your family tree. You will be, in essence, honoring all the mothers in your family.

My mother and I will be spending Mother’s Day together, having a nice dinner and sharing memories. If you have a story that you would like to share, please use the comment section of my website. I would love to hear how you honor your mother.

Photo by Dawid Sobolewski on Unsplash.