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What a Real Family Is Like

Staff March 8, 2018 0
What a Real Family Is Like

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You may not realize this now. You are so caught up in your present life as an independent, prosperous yuppie. You have been away from home for so long that you do not care what happens to your family back home. You are right beside your family, but you seem like you are not there. Do you think this kind of behavior is the smartest way to treat your family? My answer is NO!

Your family raised you to be who you are right now:

For a child who most likely lost his or her way, this is what you need to keep in mind. Your family made you into what you are now. Whatever your past, the thing is that you are here “thriving” because of your family. You owe everything to your family members, most especially your parents. No one can go far or feel complete fulfillment without his or her family by his or her side.

Your family is your support group:

Whether you are a child or the head of the family, this message goes out to you. You must already know that your family will do everything to support you. There are a lot of twisted families out there who do not have any idea what family support is all about. It is safe to assume that you are inside a wholly functional and ordinary family. You have your family members who are always ready to help you out. Your family will not stand silent on the sidelines.

Your family accepts you no matter what:

Of all people, your family knows who you are. And it’s all right. It’s all right because no matter what bad things you might have done in your life, your family will still accept you. They know that real “you.” They know your struggles. They know your failures. Whatever person you might have become, your family is still there, ready to accept you with open arms.

Your family is the only place you can come home to:

You might be taking the textbook definition of “family” to mean your actual relatives and blood. I do, too. Some people do not have anyone in their lives. For me, the family can also extend from its textbook definition. One can also be family if they have accepted who you are and still love you. For me, it can be anyone who feels at home whenever you are with them. When I have those people around, that is enough.

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