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Starting a Family Tree

Staff January 12, 2018 0
Starting a Family Tree

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Many people are interested in finding out more about their family. The study of your ancestors is called genealogy. Some genealogists have traced their family back hundreds of years. You may be wondering how you can get started tracing your family tree. Getting started is easier than people think. Here are a few easy tips and steps to get you started on finding your elusive ancestors. The first thing you should do is print out a couple of blank pedigree charts and a few blank family group sheets.

You can find free copies of these forms at genealogy websites like Ancestry or Rootsweb. These two forms will help you keep track of what ancestors you have found, and where they fit in your family tree. You will also want to start a research log to keep track of where you have searched and what you have found. On your pedigree chart, write your name and information (or the information of whichever person you are starting with) on the line farthest to the left. This is person 1, or the root person. Each new column of lines represents the previous generation. So, the next two lines should be for your father (male line always on top) and mother (on the bottom).

Continue filling in this chart with as much information as you already know.  Start a new sheet, if you need to add more generations. You will see that underneath the names of the final generation on this chart is a place for you to put a number. This is a way to identify which charts continue this particular line. The family group sheet contains information on just one family. If you are starting your family research with your family, fill this form out accordingly. You will put your father and mother’s information in the tops slots and you and your siblings in the bottom section (children). As you do your research, fill out one of these forms for each family in your family tree.

Once you have the chart filled out as much as possible, you can look at it to see what info you are missing. Perhaps you don’t know your grandparent’s names or when they were born. Before you start searching through the records, take some time to talk to your family members. An easy way to get information is to give them a pedigree chart and some family group sheets and asking that they fill both out as much as possible. Though you will still need to track down the records to cite as evidence of this information, you will at least have a starting point.  Fortunately, with more and more historical documents being scanned and added to genealogy databases on the Internet, you may be able to break through that brick wall and find those elusive ancestors.

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