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How to Start a Family Tree

Staff April 26, 2018 0
How to Start a Family Tree

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When starting a family tree, always begin with the current generation and then work backward. Working this way will ensure that the information is accurate, as many people may think they know an ancestor’s name or date of birth or death, but could have the information wrong. By starting with current information, the tracing of ancestors can be done in a disciplined manner.

Begin with your children, then yourself and spouse. It might be a good idea to narrow down the focus. Trace your father’s family, or your mother’s. This can help when researching by narrowing down names that you will be looking for.

Use internet resources when creating a family tree. Many websites are devoted to helping uncover the past. Keep in mind that some of these websites may come with a monthly charge.

Working on a family tree can be a fun and exciting experience. Using the correct lineage charts can help keep the information organized. Locating free genealogy charts is not difficult. Not only can they be found online, often libraries will supply free genealogy charts. The results that are collected can be used for future generations and a learning experience for everyone

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