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How to Research Your Family Tree

Staff May 12, 2018 0
How to Research Your Family Tree

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Finding your family’s crest or coat of arms may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. The search for your family’s crest can often be very entertaining as you discover colorful stories from your genealogical past. Even a coat of arms itself may have an unusual or entertaining story connected to it.

Your own family is a great starting point. Even if it seems that you do not have a lot to go on, speaking with family members is a great start. Remember to bring a tape recorder or other recording device. Recording the conversations and then playing them back later so that the information can be transcribed is a good idea as you may miss important details if you are trying to take notes.

Ask leading questions rather than ones that have a simple yes or no answer. Asking your family where they came from, the name of their parents or where their parents were born can be a significant first step.

Once you have some basic information which you can use as a starting point, try going online. There are websites that allow you to type in information and it will start doing the searching for you. Even if you only have a few scattered names or dates, you may be able to turn up a lot more information than you might expect.

There are also some religious institutions that keep genealogical information on databases and in files. Many individuals have used these resources when checking out their family’s past.

Remember that the spelling of names may have changed drastically, especially if someone moved from one country to another. It may help you complete your research if you think you have hit a snag or a dead end.

Once you have found your family’s crest or coat of arms, you may want to consider researching it more closely. There are many resources dedicated to heraldry, and you can use these to find out as much detail as possible about why the crest was granted to your family, who it was awarded to and what the different elements and components mean.

Each element has a role to play in the design, and each has a meaning as well. Both the colors and the images will end up telling an interesting story about where your ancestors lived, what their accomplishments were and in some cases, even what they did for a living.

If you are looking at a written description of your coat of arms, you may think it is strange and difficult to understand. This is not unusual. The language used to describe a coat of arms is called blazoning. They use French in many parts of the blazoning simply because at the time that heraldry was at the peak of its importance, the written language of the nobility was French.

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