Back in 2016, I discovered the free family tree website, Their mission is to grow a “single-family tree” that connects everyone around the world.

WikiTree is a social sharing site where you create your profile and build your family tree. You can share information with other members through private messages or public postings. If you and another person have the same ancestor, you can merge these two profiles into one. This ability, in effect, connects your family trees.

You can upload photos and other images to your pages. You can add biographical information, sources, and notes. I use this area to add stories and family history that is noteworthy for this individual.

WikiTree is not a searchable website like They do not have a records database. But, it does provide the means to create and print a family tree. They have pedigree charts, group sheets, and surname index sheets.

You can invite family members and friends to visit your profile or create their own. WikiTree has what they call “Cousin Bait” where you can share your tree on Facebook or Twitter. Google Plus allows you to search for others who might have information on your ancestor.

WikiTree will send you a “thank you” other members when you add or edit a profile that is of interest to them. You also get to send a “thank you” when someone else has made an addition or correction to a page.

If you have taken a DNA test, they have a place to list the results. If not, they offer links to sites like and other DNA testing sites.

Do you know what the best part of WikiTree is? The ability to link your ancestor to another member’s family tree. You are, in essence, helping to create that “single family tree.”

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Photo by Richard Jaimes on Unsplash.