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Finding Genealogy

Staff January 10, 2018 0
Finding Genealogy

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Genealogy is the study of families and their lineage. Many individuals are applying this science to the study of their family ancestry. In using genealogy, they find a link. They can then learn more about the lives of their ancestors. In turn, this allows them to learn more about themselves.

Many individuals are quite amazed at what they find out about their lineage. They may find that they are descendants of kings, dukes, and historical figures. Others may find out that they are descendants of individuals who were poor. But in fact that their family overcame extreme adversity.

The word “research” seems like an ugly word because it deals with doing work. But it is rather fun because of the amount of information that you can garner. Finding one kinship link can be exciting. It is even more exciting to find out the details about the lives of those in your family ancestry. As you continue to find more and more kinship links, take the data you have and create a family tree.

Most often, you would study only the ancestry of your immediate family and that of your spouses. You can then share your findings with your children and your grandchildren. Your family’s heritage will continue from generation to generation.

Some professionals conduct research for other people. They write books about the best ways to research and teach their methods. Some individuals hire these professionals to do their research for them. You would hire a professional if you were unsure of the accuracy of your findings.

As for the research process, it is not exactly an easy process. It is due in part to the fact that many individuals in the same geographic region have the same name. That is when you must cross-reference the information.

For example, you may find that there are two Henrys who had daughters named Rose. Well, your mom’s name is Rose, but you know that your mom has a brother named Dave. You can then look for the Henry with a daughter named Rose and a son named Dave. From there, you can then find the parents of that Henry and continue the process on down the line. That is an example of how you can cross-reference your information. It will give you accuracy.

It does become somewhat more difficult the further back you go. If you find a tie to any historical figures, it can become easier to find pertinent information. These well-known people usually have well-outlined family histories. The purpose is that it is always nice to find out where we originated. We like to know about those individuals responsible for our existence.

We want to know who they were. Did these ancestors do anything that was significant? Where did they live? What illnesses they had and so much more. You can learn a lot about yourself by knowing a lot about them.

Another aspect that makes genealogy research so great? You can pass this information down from generation to generation. Genealogy is a way to keep everyone’s memory alive. As long as everyone remembers these ancestors, they are never forgotten.

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