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Family History and Genetic Testing

Staff December 26, 2017 0
Family History and Genetic Testing

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Check Out These Sites:

With modern genetic testing, you can uncover your heritage. You can map your ethnic and geographic backgrounds. You can gain insight into family heritage. And, you can confirm family history and traditions. You can also use maternal and paternal ancestral origins going all the way back to Africa! Trace your ancestors’ ancient migration paths throughout the world with the following site:


With FamilyTreeDNA, view the most comprehensive ancestry database in the world. Trace your lineage through time and break down walls. You will be in contact with your closest genetic matches. You will be able to share stories and work together to connect the dots on your family tree.


GeneticAlliance.org can capture your family health history. This organization can find meaningful information on diet, hereditary, and environmental issues. They can identify patterns and trends of familial disease. Their goal is to increase health and genetic awareness for the entire family. Genetic Alliance also hosts a variety of events focused on health and genetics. These programs include BioTrust, Expecting Health, and Genes In Life.


With Ancestry.com, you start with what you know. Add new family members to your tree, and use their extensive records collection. “Leafs” show information that may give further leads. View the hints and save them to your tree. Reconciled clues may lead to other discoveries. Watch your family tree and history grow as you find and add more records.


Check out Family Tree Magazine to get started. Included are the latest tips and tricks for catching hints. It has extensive content and online classes that expand upon new research techniques. It has a one-stop shop for everything genealogy. Learn how to date family photos and read about ancestral customs and traditions. You can learn how to search online for grave locations, photos, and burial information.

These and many more websites will help you in your quest for your family heritage!

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