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Discovering Your Family Tree

Staff February 16, 2018 1
Discovering Your Family Tree

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If you wish to learn about your ancestry, then a fantastic way to accomplish that is to learn about your family’s genealogy. Even if some families do know some things about their family tree, more often than not they have many divisions of the family which they do not entirely realize. Not just you, but your whole family as well, may have fun researching your family history.

Researching has become even more accessible now because you can use the internet. Don’t forget that public records that are written down, containers of old pictures of the family, and perhaps even stories relayed by some older relatives can all contribute to the research of your family tree.

If you perform a great deal of research now and keep track of the facts, your kids will benefit a lot since they will be familiar with some of their relatives who they never actually met in person. Recording your family’s history will also give you the satisfaction of knowing you are putting together information that will be handed down to family members for generations to come.

The Best Way to Start the Process:

You will usually want to start with you and work your way backward through your whole family to get the best outcome.

Document all the details and family heritage that you already know and you will get a better idea of everything you still need to do.

Always keep careful records, and cite the source of information in your files. Although you might get quite a bit of “word of mouth” details from relatives, you should always substantiate this information by researching original documents, such as birth, death and also marriage records. Still, spoken information can be a rich source of clues that can help you find the facts you need.

Keeping records may be much easier if you use forms and log sheets designed specifically for genealogy research. You can easily find free templates on the web, or just make your own to suit your needs. Storing these pages in a binder, along with page protectors that you can use to save related photos and files, can help you keep organized.

Putting What You Find to Use:

When you have made some progress in the investigation of your family’s history, you might even notice that a few of your other relations will take an interest in what you are doing.

Many individuals cannot find the time to look into their family history even if they’re very interested in it. If you would like other people to have the ability to help, you really should share it with your relatives. There are even attractive charts you can purchase to document one’s family tree, which can make a lovely gift for your relatives, especially when placed in a decorative picture frame.

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  1. Stephen Lagi March 24, 2018 at 3:40 am - Reply

    I am a Solomon Islander. History said that Solomon Islanders migrated from South East Asia through Australia to Papua New Guinea through Fiji then to Solomon Islands during the third wave.

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