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Branch Out and Research Your Family Tree

Staff February 22, 2018 0
Branch Out and Research Your Family Tree

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Learning more about your family tree can often be a time-consuming exercise requiring considerable attention to detail, and many of us never get around to it. However, it can be a fascinating experience, often filled with unexpected twists and turns.

You might know quite a lot about your parents, grandparents or other relatives, or you may not, but it can still be very interesting to investigate your family tree. After all, you didn’t know your parents when they were your age, and even if they’re very forthcoming regarding tales of their childhood or young adult years, there are always going to be stories based on their experiences. Once you start your research into the past, you might not find any skeletons in the closet or discover long-lost relatives that struck it rich or became famous, but it’s always fascinating to delve into your family’s history.

Most of us have old photographs and even home movies that shed some light on our family history, but once you start digging, you might come across many different types of material. Diaries, journals, newspaper clippings, favorite books, souvenirs, clothing, jewelry, or other personal items might each have a great story to tell. You might even be fortunate enough to find audiotapes created by one of your relatives when they were younger. Medals, whether for long service or gallantry on the battlefield, are also very revealing, as are the timelines of a relative’s military service. There are also marriage and other church or government records that can help you to trace people through time. The story might often be incomplete but you’ll still likely to unearth details that you were not expecting.

These days, there are many ways to research your family tree online, on websites such as Ancestry.com, but there are many others sites where you can find birth, death, marriage and baptism records, details from the armed forces and much more. However, you decide to conduct your research into your family tree; you’ll probably have a lot of fun along the way, make some unexpected discoveries and possibly even see how far down the rabbit hole goes.

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